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Company news

3LPE copolymer adhesive

Copolymer Adhesive is a polyolefin based adhesive polymer containing anhydride functionality. It can be in granule form and is mainly used as adhesive layer in 3 layer polyethylene system (3LPE) for steel pipe against corrosion coating system in oil and gas pipeline and high pressure water pipeline. The purpose of the Copolymer Adhesive is to bond the epoxy layer to the top polyethylene coat.
(1) Copolymer Adhesive has good physical and mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, and creep resistance.
(2) Copolymer Adhesive active group may form a bonding of chemical bond with epoxy, and form a polar bonding of intermolecular force with steel substrate, and its main part of polyolefin may form a combination of homogeneous melt with the PE layer, so as to form a high adhesive strength.
(3) Copolymer Adhesive with a process performance the same as thermoplastics, it may be extruded for cladding, wrapped laterally, and made into powder for spraying.



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