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Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE )

Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating are used to prevent corrosion and harmful chemicals of steel pipes.This is a thin coating made of epoxy-resin powder material in a thin film and applied to pipes by a special coating device for electrostatic spraying.These FBE coated pipes can be used in temperatures up to 85oC in dry conditions.

FBE coating steel pipe is fusion bonded epoxy coating steel pipe.It is a kind of external heat resin used for pipes.With a form of dry powder at thickness 400-600 microns on to the heated surface of pipe.Once the FBE coated on the pipe surface,the FBE film provides an extremely hard surface with great adhesion to the surface of pipe.The FBE layer in a even form and have good resistance to the chemical reaction.

Features of fusion bonded epoxy(FBE) coating steel pipes:

FBE coating is corrosion resistant and chemical resistant

FBE coating has strong adhesion to steel, film integrity, soil stress and wear resistance.

FBE coating increases the life span of steel pipes.

The FBE coating can be used for external corrosion protection of buried or underwater steel piping installations with operating temperatures of -30~100 °c.

On the other hand,the defect of the FBE steel pipe is it have poor resistance to mechanical damage and heat and humidity.



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