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Stripping Factors Of Anticorrosive Coating Of 3PE Anticorrosive Pipeline

3PE anti-corrosion pipeline can effectively extend the service life of the pipeline. The ideal 3PE coating should significantly prevent pipeline corrosion, at least in the pipeline design life to achieve the role of protection against steel pipe corrosion. However, in recent years, the corrosion coating stripping problem of 3PE pipeline has appeared both at home and abroad. The main problem with the stripping of 3PE coating is that it produces a cathode shield, which diverts the protection current from their original ideal channel. The result is that the cathode current cannot adequately protect the steel tube.

3PE anticorrosive coating pipeline is widely used in long-distance transportation of petroleum and natural gas. 3PE anticorrosive coating is a combination of superior adhesion and corrosion resistance of fused epoxy powder with excellent mechanical damage resistance and waterproof permeability of polyethylene. It is one of the most rapidly developed and widely used anti-corrosive coatings in the world.

Using Environments of 3PE Anticorrosive Pipe
The geographical environment, temperature, operating conditions, operating medium temperature and bearing pressure of buried 3PE anticorrosive pipe are also vital factors that cannot be ignored when 3PE anticorrosive coating is stripped. These factors are mainly caused by the stress and thermal expansion and cold contraction of 3PE anticorrosive pipe under the change of temperature and pressure. The bonding strength of the first layer of fused epoxy powder is the main reason why the 3PE coating can adhere to the surface of the steel tube. If the force of gravity acting on the coating exceeds its bonding strength, stripping will occur.

To sum up, the stripping of 3PE coating is caused by the adhesion reduction and failure of fused epoxy powder coating. If the manufacturers of 3PE anticorrosive pipe also have an abnormal peeling condition, they can control and improve aimed at the influence factors mentioned above, so as to improve the performance and service life of the product.



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