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Company news

polyethylene layer

Black high density polyethylene compound containing≥ 2% well dispersed carbon black class A1 to ensure outstanding weatherresistance, the added carbon black type is less sensitive to moisture despite the hygroscopic behavior due to its fine particle size.

Antioxidants, processing aids and other additives are added to obtain excellent long term properties and a better processabilityensuring protection against extreme external conditions, mechanical impacts and degradation by heat or UV irradiation. It can be used up to 85C service temperature of the pipeline when combined with the grafted adhesives.

Yixing series anticorrosive material  is designed for use in (3LPE) steel pipe coating systems, suited for high temperature pipeline applications in conjunction with an epoxy primer and a polyolefin adhesive so mainly used for coating steel pipes in oil and gas applications and thus help in minimizing the potential for corrosion of underground steel pipes.



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