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Company news

3LPE coating

3LPE or as referred to as 3-Layer Polyethylene is a multilayer coating applied on steel pipes that is composed of three functional components: 1.  Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), 2.  copolymer adhesive  3. PE top coat. The outermost layer of polyethylene is what provides the 3LPE Coated Pipes with tough yet, durable protection. Piping systems that are coated with 3LPE offer excellent pipeline protection for both small as well as large diameter pipelines. Typically these piping systems operate at a moderately high temperature range.
In addition to having excellent adhesion to steel, the FBE component is what provides superior long term corrosion resistance along with protecting the Three-Layer Extruded Polyethylene Coating pipe operating at moderate temperatures. In instances, where a LAT or a Low Application Temperature is required to be performed, Fusion Bonded Epoxy is regularly selected to be used as the primer. As a primer Fusion Bonded Epoxy ensures low preheating conditions alongside long term integrity of high strength steels i.e. steel grades that are X80 or higher. Since, 3LPE coated systems offer excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, the 3 layer polyethylene coating pipe reduces lifecycle cost of cathodic protection, thus proving to be a cost effective solution. Advanced Manufacturing techniques permit for a customizable 3LPE coated system to cater to a buyer’s specific project.
The tough outer layer of the coating applied is what protects the PE Coating pipe not only during transportation but also during installation. Thereby the need for costly repairs is minimized. Moreover, the 3LPE External Coating used on pipes also provides an added in-ground protection against chemicals, shear forces, and abrasive soil conditions. With an increase in the thickness of the PE outer layer, the 3 Layer PE Coated Pipes in a system has the ability to provide a high level of mechanical protection when used in various severe environments without needing the use of costly backfill.

High Bond Strength :

The external and internal 3LPE coating and lining is bonded firmly to the mild steel pipe surface and the mean adhesion strength is 125 kg/cm² (ASTM D 4541).

Long Working Life :

Pipe has constant performance characteristics through out the life span. Service life of more than 75 years.



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